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Lowther History

Lowther Gardens is the oldest park in Lytham. The gardens cover an area of 5.65 hectares which were provided by Squire J Talbot Clifton in 1872 in honor of his wife Eleanor Cecily Clifton and were conveyed by the council in 1905. Most of the original design has been retained with the addition of a pavilion in 1922, which was replaced in 1981. 

As council subsidy is now being phased out and Lowther becomes financially independent, helping to raise much needed funds is essential to the preservation of the park for the future generations. 

We Care About Our Trees

Lowther Tree Guardians helping preserve the park for future generations.

Tree Guardianship is a tree sponsorship programme within Lowther Gardens. Set on the beautiful Fylde Coast, Lowther Gardens has a very proud history being the oldest park in Lytham and surrounding areas.


  • Tree Guardians is a tree adoption project within Lowther Gardens. Our mission is to help preserve the parks unique heritage for future generations 
  • To engage the local community, enhance the family experience, preserve the park for the future and help with raising funds for the re-development of Lowther Pavilion
  • To raise community investment, helping to secure the beautiful flora & forna of Lowther Gardens 

Tree Adoption

Why Adopt A Tree In Lowther Gardens?

  • To help support the local community 
  • Be part of conserving Lytham’s unique  heritage 
  • Have your own family tree 
  • To celebrate a special event; Wedding, births, religious celebrations 
  • To honour a family member
  • In remembrance of a loved one 
  • In honour of your favourite pet 
  • Local Groups & Corporate trees available

A great opportunity for you & your family to adopt a historic tree within Lowther Gardens and in doing so, help preserve its' heritage & well-being. Tree adoption at Lowther would make a unique gift for the celebration of weddings, christenings, birthdays &

 many other special occasions. 

Adopting a Lowther tree is also a ­fitting way for the remembrance of a loved one and is an ideal place for you, family & friends to sit and absorb the serine and tranquil environment.

To personalise your adopted tree, we can have made for you one of our beautiful bespoke copper Tree Guardians (animals & plant plaques) which can be chosen, artisan produced & attached to your tree to represent your contribution and can also be engraved on the rear of your Tree Guardian to include your own personalised message.

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Expression of Interest for Lowther Tree Adoption

Our trees are now available to adopt online. Please contact us with your expression of interest regarding the Tree Adoption Project.  We look forward to hearing from you. 

Tree Guardians

Lowther Gardens, Lowther Terrace, Lytham St. Annes, England FY8 5QQ, United Kingdom

Telephone: 01253 531561


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